1 to 1 Professional Dentist Treatment From Start To End

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Free 1 Set Of Retainers With Every Treatment Package 

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How Special Are We!


CONVENIENT as no one knows you are wearing "braces", it does not affect your lifestyle and easy oral hygiene care.

Treating Dentist Responsible

The Same TREATING Dentist is fully RESPONSIBLE to prescribe, treat & monitor from START to FINISH In Person.

Treating Dentist Responsible

A COMPLETE treatment that covers Easy, Simple, Moderate to Difficult cases including BITE Correction for improved appearance, speech & better jaw functionality.

Faster Treatment

FASTER by at least 30% than most of other brands! Treatment movement protocol of up to 0.50mm per tooth.

More Comfortable

3 COMFORTABLE thicknesses to wear (Soft, Medium & Hard) per step/stage that triggers minimal force thus reduce soreness, pain & pressure.

Mid-Range Pricing

The best alternative to Invisalign with almost half of their price. FREE Retainers with Additional Scanning/Impression, if required.

Other Factors that Worth Your Consideration for ClearSmile

TRUSTED Professionals

Our TRUSTED & TRAINED Dentists works closely with Consulting Orthodontists & Dental Technologists to ensure effective treatment.

TOP 3 Brands

TOP 3 Brands for Consumers & Dentists in Singapore and Malaysia (B2B).


Founded in 2012, more than 10 YEARS of experience.


OWN manufacturing plant with ISO13485 Medical Quality Management System certification.

Product Safety

Product SAFETY tests, reports & certifications that complies with USFDA and European CE Standards.

Professional Support

Founded by experienced Dental Professionals that understands the industry and provides continuous Long-Term SUPPORT.

ClearSmile Workflow

  1. Take A Survey
  2. Consultation
  3. Treatment Proposal
  4. Aligner Fabrication
  5. Additional Aligners & Free Retainers

Clinically Proven Result

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ClearSmile Workflow


We will fabricate additional aligners at no extra cost provided all steps’ images are uploaded into our treatment monitoring system by the dentist, and if your teeth did not move as predicted. Re-taking or re-scanning of your teeth is chargeable at SGD100 / MYR200 per scan. A set of retainers will be included for FREE with your treatment.

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